“Amateka” means histories in Kinyarwanda, 

an official language of Rwanda in East Africa.

We implement African-centered education 

in schools and organizations to celebrate the world's Black communities 

We offer a college-preparatory education 

for multiracial, multicultural high school students in Washington, D.C., recognizing the many cultural histories of the world.

Our community inspires multiracial, multicultural students 

to discover the many histories of the global Black experience 

we don't often get to learn about elsewhere. 

With this knowledge, we learn how to lead and serve in a racially just world. 

We choose career pathways where we can create change 

and develop our skill sets to ensure that we are prepared for life, college and career. 

We work together, learning from different perspectives, 

because we know that it will take all of us to create a world 

where each person can be valued and included.

 We learn from and celebrate the contributions of global Black communities 

to achieve a world where Black peoples are also valued, and included.

About Amateka

We are designing a

public high school dedicated to achieving racial equity through cultural exchange, service and leadership. We learn from Black narratives to build 

global connection.

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Academic Program

We offer an 

African-centered curriculum 

with emphasis in literacy, communication and collaboration. We are an Africana immersion environment, highlighting culture in all that we learn.

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School Culture

Ours is a diverse and inclusive  community, with learners and leaders from a variety of backgrounds working together 

to improve the world.

Join us in this effort!

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We're official!

As of May 2021, Amateka College Prep has officially achieved its nonprofit status! Becoming a 501(c)3 is a major accomplishment and responsibility. We are now formally recognized as a charitable organization, created for the public good. Our mission continues to be to "connect the world" by celebrating its Black communities.


Africana for all.

We lead and serve as global citizens.

We are a multiracial, multicultural community. 

We prepare for life, college and diverse career pathways.

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