Quality Instruction

Experienced teachers guide learning in small groups and whole class for diverse learners.  Teachers co-plan lessons and teach concepts across disciplines.

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Literacy Emphasis

We emphasize skill development in reading and writing at advanced levels, ready for college and career.

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Project-Based Learning

Our students work in collaborative teams to demonstrate their learning in innovative ways.

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Communication & Cooperation

Our staff and students work together to maintain a collaborative learning environment, exchange ideas and gain knowledge.

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Preparation for College

We offer specialized coursework in college and career readiness, partner students with college advisors and career coaches and develop individual post-graduation plans with each student.

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College Credit Courses

Accelerated students who have earned credit and knowledge in earlier courses can complete AP Language & Composition, Biology or Physics for college credit.

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Course Options

Foundational courses in the 9th and 10th grades prepare students, across discipline, with rigorous work in math, science and the humanities, combined with cultural emphasis. Students also engage in Africana within a weekly seminar and in the arts. All students complete college and career preparation coursework in the upper grades, building upon foundational knowledge. Courses also have a significant focus on engaging community through research, service and application.

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Career Pathways

Students take their core classes in learning communities with other students with similar career interests. Students choose their pathway each school year.

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Real-World Application

Everything we learn and teach is applied to real-world analysis, service and impact.  

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Daily Schedule

Student Schedule: 

8:55 am-3:20 pm*

*Club Hour (Optional) is 3:30-4:30pm on

Tuesdays and Thursdays

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