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Dr. Cass, Chief Executive Officer

Cassandra St. Vil, Ph.D. ​is the visionary education entrepreneur behind Amateka College Preparatory Public Charter School in Washington, D.C. She is a trained Africanist, social worker and former high school special education teacher and recently served as history faculty in Southeast, D.C. A Teach for America, Peace Corps and Fulbright alumna, “Dr. Cass” has worked with adolescents and adults in youth development, internationally, for over 20 years.  She brought her work in cultural exchange and education among youth to over 30 countries. Dr. Cass  is a graduate of Howard University’s doctoral program in African Studies, the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Hunter College and the University of Michigan School of Social Work. The first of her five degrees was completed at Buffalo State College. She first wrote about the design of what would become Amateka's work in The Push for African-Centered Education, independently published in 2017.

Faculty & Staff


Our interdisciplinary educators in English Language Arts and History join together to provide a literacy-enriched academic program focused upon the historical and contemporary perspectives of the global Black Diaspora.

Math, Science & Technology 

Our mathematicians and scientists engage students in real-world application of  essential concepts to analyze and impact the world. Instruction is fueled by the incorporation of technology to prepare students with advanced participation and leadership globally.

Immersion Studies

Specialists enhance our Africana immersion learning environment by providing multicultural depictions of Black communities through language, performance and fine arts drawn from throughout the global Black Diaspora.