Amateka College Prep 

Racial Equity Stance

At Amateka College Prep, we affirm the diverse identities and experiences of the students, families, staff, and community members that make up our school community. Moreover, we take a progressive view of identity, acknowledging intersectionality and the historical evolution of power and privilege associated with specific groups, cultures, and peoples.

Equity envisions a society that centers justice and fairness in its treatment of people and communities. Accordingly, at Amateka College Prep equity demands that we are proactive in our self-education and awareness of unique identities and courageous in our words and actions in pursuit of an equal representation, visibility, and inclusion of all identities and experiences.

In a world where rampant anti-Blackness exists, the stories, perspectives, and experiences of Black people, in particular, have gone under-appreciated and under-studied. An accurate and comprehensive education cannot be achieved without including and integrating the contributions from Africana traditions. Reflective of our mission of achieving a racially equitable world, we are unwavering in our pursuit of equity related to identity, culture, and diverse peoples. It is with this intentionality, that we have infused significant focus on racial equity throughout our Africana immersion environment and explicit study of the global Black Diaspora.

To provide an equitable representation of the history and contributions of Black peoples, our African-centered curriculum highlights the narratives, histories, and cultures of Black peoples. As we are all enriched by the unique contributions of any community, we all stand to benefit from increased exposure to positive representations of diverse histories and cultures.

Africana for all.